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Kontakt und Termine Duales Studium an der iba

Dual study undergraduate programmes in Germany

Split Week

Welcome to iba, Germany’s largest state-recognised private University of Cooperate Education.
We offer the ideal combination of theoretical and practical training and thus enable our students to become qualified specialists through comprehensive professional experience.

Dual study degrees in Germany

Dual study programmes combine profound academic education at a university with professional training at a partner company. There are different study models, the most popular being the so-called “block model” which has alternating phases of classroom training and practical instruction at three months intervals. Shorter intervals of alternation, as in iba’s “split-week” model, offer the advantage of continuity and higher involvement into the work process at the partner company since there are no long absences. The students’ continuous presence throughout the course of their studies makes them a reliable team member right from the beginning and ensure that they receive valuable training ‘on the job’.

iba’s innovative dual study concept: the „split-week“ model
With the “split-week” model, the iba offers an innovative concept that is very popular with both students and cooperating companies. Each week, students spend 20 hours in class and work up to 20 hours at the company. Theoretically acquired course content can thus be directly deployed by the students to solve company-related problems. The split week model offers great benefits: In addition to the swift entry into the workforce, it offers continuous and intensive inclusion in the operational activities of your partner company. This ensures a close linking of theory and practice.

For international students especially, we plan to implement extended (8-semester) versions of two of our undergraduate courses (scheduled for winter semester 2019/20).
This would enable international students to obtain proof of German knowledge at C1 level while studying at a German university and to commence studying at a German university while still possessing basic German knowledge.

8-semester Dual Study Programmes for International Students (in preparation)


At iba, we offer the following undergraduate programmes in the dual system: ‘Business Administration’ (with 12 different specialisations), ‘Social Pedagogy & Management’, ‘Physiotherapy’ and ‘Engineering and Management’ (in preparation).

All programmes are accredited and conclude with the Bachelor’s degree. They are open to foreign students once they have obtained the required C1 German language proficiency.

The 8-semester programmes ‘Business Administration’ and ‘Engineering & Management’ are currently in preparation and will be open to international students with German language proficiency at A2 level.

Accreditation and state recognition

All iba undergraduate programmes and degrees are accredited and fully state-recognised. iba Bachelor’s degrees are legally equivalent to any other Bachelor’s university degree and qualify for challenging professional jobs as well as Master´s degrees at any German or international college or university.